We want to give our clients the needed information and tools to make a sound decision when dealing with environmental hazards. Our approach is to minimize disturbance of any environmental hazards, have a clear plan if disturbance is required or necessary, and establish proper safety precautions for the owner, occupants, and workers.


Minimizing your risks along the way

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What We Do

Assessco Environmental

Services, Inc.​

Assessco Environmental Services strive to provide our clients with health and safety information that is valuable in making a sound decision, whether it is a small interior renovation in your home, or a large scale commercial renovation or demolition.  Our staff have over 24 years of experience in environmental and asbestos consulting and makes every project an individualized and customized plan.  We know that every project is different. Therefore we work closely with the owner in every phase of the project.

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​Provide a clear direction for your project and complete in a timely manner