Assessco Environmental

Services, Inc.​

We cover all aspects of asbestos type services in residential, multi–residential and commercial properties. Our asbestos services range from small scale consulting on residential demolitions or renovations to designing large scale abatements. We have provided asbestos inspections to small residential demolition projects and as extensive as County Multi-Building Campuses and Large Industrial Facilities.  Asbestos Awareness training has also been valuable to custodial personnel in schools and large facilities, realtors, facility managers, construction firms, and large industrial companies.

Our services are unique to every client and work closely with owners in making a smooth transition in every phase of the project.

Asbestos Services:
●    Asbestos Inspections and Building Survey’s Prior to Renovation or Demolition Activities
●    Asbestos Inspections before a Fire Burn Training/Live Burn
●    Provide Project Management and Project Design Services for Asbestos Abatement Projects
●    Asbestos Bulk Sampling Collection and Analysis
●    Site Consultation and Problem Solving for Building Owners
●    AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) in Schools: Asbestos Management Plan Oversight, 3-year Asbestos Inspections in Schools, and 6-month Surveillance
●    Budgeting for Small or Large Scale Asbestos Abatement: Single Residential, Multi-Residential, Small and Large Commercial Properties. Schools, Churches, Nursing Homes, Hospitals...
●    Pre-Purchase Walk-through in Real Estate Transactions and Recommendations- Residential and Commercial
●    Asbestos Air Sampling, Dust Wipe Sampling, Exposure Monitoring
●    Asbestos Awareness Training for K-12 Schools, Commercial Properties, Building Owners, Maintenance Personnel, Construction Firms, HVAC, Plumbing, Architects, Building Inspectors, Large Facility Owners, Industrial Settings, Food Processing Plants, etc.

Asbestos Services